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The three S's of the year in viral videos: Safety, soccer, and the Super Bowl.

Within one month of being released, Volkswagen's "Eyes on the Road" public service announcement dominated our 2014 list by wide margins.

The spot, by Ogilvy Beijing, shows an interesting use of technology to send a warning on texting and driving. In it, a real-life audience files into a movie theater. During the previews, a video starts of car driving from the driver's point-of-view. In the middle of the preview, a proximity-based device is used to send a text to audience members phones. When people pull out their phones, the car on the screen swerves off the road.

Coming in second is Lincoln's oft-parodied Matthew McConaughey campaign, showing that the old adage, "All press is good press," can be true after all.

Top 10 Viral Videos of the Week
Eyes on the Road
Eyes on the Road Volkswagen
Ogilvy Beijing
True Reach: 33,966,497
Matthew McConaughey and the MKC
Matthew McConaughey and the MKC Lincoln
Hudson Rouge New York
True Reach: 23,657,294
Wings Volkswagen
True Reach: 21,379,099
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Kia
True Reach: 18,406,627
Rendezvous Jaguar
Spark44 Los Angeles
True Reach: 17,109,423
Nice Hyundai
Innocean Los Angeles
True Reach: 16,959,190
Totally Transformed
Totally Transformed Kia
David & Goliath
True Reach: 16,172,174
Doberhuahua Audi
Venables Bell + Partners San Francisco
True Reach: 15,676,876
Don't Touch My Dart
Don't Touch My Dart Dodge
Wieden + Kennedy Portland
True Reach: 14,424,474
The Epic Driftmob
The Epic Driftmob BMW
Interone BBDO
True Reach: 14,412,651
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