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Volkswagen pulled a winner at the 2014 Super Bowl. The German automaker's ad, "Wings," jumped to the top spot of the best auto brand viral videos of 2014. The campaign, created by Argonaut, pokes fun at VW's tag line "The power of German engineering," by mixing in the classic holiday movie "It's a Wonderful Life."

In it, a father tells his daughter that whenever a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles, a German engineer gets a pair of wings. A sequence follows of stuffy, precise German engineers dealing with the decidedly awkward experience of sprouting wings spontaneously. We won't even tell you what happens when a Volkswagen hits 200,000 miles -- click below to find out.

Trailing VW are more Super Bowl alums. Nine of the Top 10 on our list of 2014's best auto brand viral videos were created for the game.

Top 10 Viral Videos of the Year
Wings Volkswagen
This week
(True Reach): 21,110,627
Doberhuahua Audi
Venables Bell + Partners San Francisco
This week
(True Reach): 15,550,179
Nice Hyundai
Innocean Los Angeles
This week
(True Reach): 14,521,503
Rendezvous Jaguar
Spark44 Los Angeles
This week
(True Reach): 14,050,534
#NearlyDouble Ford
Team Detroit
This week
(True Reach): 12,908,190
No Room for Boring
No Room for Boring Toyota
Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles
This week
(True Reach): 11,252,258
Dad's Sixth Sense
Dad's Sixth Sense Hyundai
Innocean Los Angeles
This week
(True Reach): 7,927,642
Romance Chevrolet
Leo Burnett Detroit
This week
(True Reach): 5,816,642
The Barkleys
The Barkleys Subaru
Carmichael Lynch
This week
(True Reach): 4,537,295
Slow Clap
Slow Clap CarMax
Silver + Partners
This week
(True Reach): 3,379,645

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