Mark Reuss' good day at the office

“I'm very happy,” Reuss gushed Sunday while talking with reporters. Photo credit: Bloomberg

DETROIT -- When you're the highest profile car guy at General Motors, there aren't many days at the office better than a Corvette reveal.

Sunday was a good day for Mark Reuss.

"I'm very happy," the GM North America president gushed Sunday while talking with reporters after introducing the seventh-generation Vette to more than 1,000 media types, GMers, VIPs and Vette fans. "I'm really happy. I joined the company because of this car."

Reuss hasn't been as ebullient in recent media scrums.

He's had to fend off questions about GM's slipping North American market share and sluggish pickup sales. He grew tired of GM getting shoved through the political meat grinder during the campaign season.

"When you put a car out like this, it lays waste to all of that," Reuss said. "This car speaks for itself, stands for itself. It is an icon emotionally for this company and Chevrolet."

Reuss wears his emotions on his sleeve. He's been known to choke up while discussing the history and heritage of GM, where his father once occupied the same job he does now. His affable demeanor and cackling laugh can quickly vanish when asked a piercing or stupid question.

But on Sunday evening, nothing was going to eradicate the smile from his face.

"This business is supposed to be fun, right?" he said beaming. "This is fun."