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Sales: REID BIGLAND, CEO, Dodge brand & Chrysler Canada; head of U.S. sales, Chrysler Group

Reid Bigland

Photo credit: BLOOMBERG
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Chrysler Group dealers have a name for the hamster wheel they run on each month to continue Chrysler's 31-month string of year-over-year sales gains. They call it "Chasing the Reid" -- a half-joking homage to Reid Bigland, 45, the Canadian who, as head of U.S. and Canadian sales, has kept Chrysler dealers sprinting since June 2011. One of his innovative motivators is a bonus if a dealer reaches half of his or her monthly goal by the 15th of the month, easing the profit-squeezing last-minute rush to move metal common elsewhere in the industry. It's hard to know exactly how many more vehicles Chrysler dealers have sold because of Bigland's constant personal coaching, but one thing's for sure: Dealers have shown no interest in jumping off the treadmill.

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