Does what you drive to the polls indicate how you’ll vote?

Can Democrats and Republicans find some common ground behind the wheel?

A survey by, a Web site that does car reviews, product comparisons and automotive research, suggests a relationship between the type of vehicles people drive and how they’ll vote on Tuesday.

The Facebook survey of more than 600 U.S. participants identified as either Democrats/liberals or Republicans/conservatives allowed each respondent to select the type of vehicle he or she drives.

The primary findings show that 29 percent of Republicans/conservatives drive a pickup truck and 27 percent of Democrats/liberals drive compact cars.

But people in both parties agree they like SUVs and crossovers about equally with 20 percent for Republicans/conservatives vs. 18 percent for Democrats/liberals.

And here’s another area of common ground, surprisingly: Members of both parties dislike hybrid/alternative-fuel vehicles about the same. Hybrid/alternative-fuel vehicles came in last place for Democrats and second-to-last place for Republicans, just above the van/minivan segment.

Still, with 6 percent market share among Democrats, the hybrid segment is more than twice as popular with them as it is with Republicans, who drive hybrids only 3 percent of the time.

With the latest election polls showing the race for the White House at a tie, maybe it’s time the pollsters peruse the parking lot?