Think you're good? Try selling F&I to Justin Bieber

Imagine your favorite Hollywood actor sitting across from you as you pitch the benefits of an extended-service contract.

Or picture batting around the benefits of paint and fabric protection to the prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne.

It's all in a day's work at one dealership near Los Angeles.

Celebrity clientele is so common, the store's finance team is far from star-struck, says the finance manager, who didn't want to be named to protect the dealership's customers.

In fact, dealing with the rich and famous is preferred, the manager says. Not just because stars have money to spend, but they are easier to work with and more polite than some customers who think they're rich and famous, the manager says, adding, "Those are the ones who can be rude."

The finance manager recalls selling an extended-service contract to movie star Denzel Washington about a year ago.

"He was super nice," the manager says. "It was for his daughter."

The manager kept the pitch professional, treating him like any other customer. Often, there isn't room for swooning, the manager says.

"Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne came in the other day," the manager says. "They were with all their people, so you didn't really get to talk to them much."

The clientele at the luxury-brand dealership extends from singer Nick Lachey to teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, the manager says.

Most celebrities politely listen to the finance and insurance pitch and often make a purchase, the manager says.

And that alone is reason for any finance manager to swoon.