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How VW made the Golf sexier

Luca Ciferri is Automotive News Europe's Editor-in-Chief.

Adding a few inches in length, width and height, generation after generation, makes a new car roomier but the added interior comfort usually results in a boring-looking exterior. Volkswagen used some clever tricks to avoid this dilemma, making the new Golf longer, wider and sexier than its predecessor

The reason the new Golf looks sportier is because it is lower to the ground than its predecessor. VW did this by lowering the car's roofline and its floorpan just over an inch (28mm) without affecting the Golf's vertical headroom.

The seventh generation of a car was created under the direction of Walter De' Silva.

"There is nothing I would change in this Golf. We worked hard on design for over two years and we found the right direction very early in the process. Since then, it has been an endless, almost maniac effort to refine every single detail," De' Silva told Automotive News Europe on the sidelines of the car's unveiling in Berlin on Tuesday.

VW Group design boss Walter De' Silva fought hard to keep the sides of the new Golf clean and simple.

Another quickly noticeable feature about the new Golf is that the sides of the car are clean and simple, something that De' Silva said was not easy to achieve.

"Keeping that side view clean was a true battle," he said. "There was always someone in the company who wanted to add something here or there to reinforce the car's personality, but I fought to protect this simplicity."