Soccer could be a winning game for Chevy

Nick Gibbs is UK correspondent for Automotive News Europe.Nick Gibbs is UK correspondent for Automotive News Europe.
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In Europe, Chevrolet is playing smart by pulling out of motorsports in favor of marketing deals with two of the world's top soccer teams, Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC.

The U.S. brand primarily sells Korean-built, value-for-money cars in Europe and is following regional rivals Hyundai and Kia in this shift in marketing focus.

Chevrolet has said it will continue its soccer sponsorships despite the departure of former marketing boss Joel Ewanick. Some reports said Ewanick was removed from his job for failing to adequately appraise the financial details of a sponsorship deal with Manchester United.

It makes good sense for the brand to be associated with two top soccer clubs in a region where soccer reigns supreme.

Chevrolet said earlier this month that it is quitting the World Touring Car Championship, a racing series it joined in 2005 and has dominated for the last three years with the Cruze sedan. Earlier this year, it pulled out of the British equivalent.

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