Buick Verano pitched by Peyton Manning

The ad features Peyton Manning using standard Verano connectivity features such as OnStar and IntelliLink.
Jake Lingeman is an associate editor at Autoweek, an affiliate of Automotive News.

DETROIT -- Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will appear in a new spot for the Buick Verano this evening during ESPN's Espys Awards show.

In this making-of video, Manning talks about the Verano and how he "calls an audible" using the voice-activated controls. First he avoids some traffic using the navigation, then he changes the station by yelling "hot route two," then, "tune XM 60 Outlaw," which really does sound like a football call.

Manning is actually pretty good on camera. His old MasterCard commercial -- cut that meat -- was extremely funny.

Hey, if this whole Denver Broncos quarterback thing doesn't work out, at least he'll have a career as a pitchman to fall back on.

For GM's announcement about the ad, click here.