Finance, sales can get along when the price is right

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At times the relationship between salespeople and finance officers can resemble a feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Some finance managers resent how some salespeople structure a deal, arguing the salesperson does not leave enough of the loan for the customer to buy insurance products.

Likewise, some salespeople believe the finance manager ruins the relationship and undoes a deal that took them hours to secure, just to sell an aftermarket product.

But these tensions don't have to exist.

Many finance managers want a spirit of cooperation with sales folks and are willing to share the spoils to do so.

In a recent post on Facebook's Ethical F&I Manager's page, a finance professional asked: "Should sales reps get paid on the backend? I think they should get something, do you agree?"

Of the 43 people who responded, most agreed. Three people clicked "like" to the post.

Many of those who commented believe salespeople should get some money, provided the salesperson sets up a deal that allows sales in the F&I office.

And some dealers say they encourage the salesperson to promote products during the sales process. Also, the salesperson can speed up the entire F&I process by having the customer's paperwork completed, many finance managers suggest.

This last point is so essential, the finance professional on Facebook posted that some dealers tell salespeople: "Paper work not complete, no bonus money on that deal."

With enough financial motivation, salespeople would negotiate deals that leave money for F&I sales, especially knowing they get a piece of the F&I pie.

And finance managers would share that pie, knowing the salesperson is setting them up for success.

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