VW has an app for its hefty annual report

Christina Rogers covers VW and regulatory/legislative issues for Automotive News.

WOLFSBURG, Germany -- Don’t want to bother lugging around Volkswagen’s hefty, 360-page annual report?

No problem. VW has an app for that.

The German carmaker has created a downloadable iPad app for the group’s 2011 annual report.

The app gives users a “multi-media” experience that goes well beyond the nitty-gritty dollars and cents of the company’s earnings, VW says. It includes films, photos and animations, as well as a special financial section with navigation menu designed specifically for Apple’s popular tablet.

The app is available in English or German at the Apple Store starting today, the date of the company’s annual meeting in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Perhaps, other automakers will follow suit, saving trees and possibly a trip or two to the chiropractor.

As it stands now, the print version of VW’s annual report is an inch-thick tome of a document, probably weighing a couple pounds. I can tell you: there is at least one journalist here who isn’t eager to tote it around.

Too bad I don’t have a tablet. If VW had an iPhone app, I’d be all set. Ah well, maybe next year.