Hyundai makes a pitch for livery-limo niche

Hyundai is offering a $3,500 fleet incentive for the Genesis, according to the report. Pictured is the 2012 Genesis.
Rick Kranz is product editor for Automotive News.

Can Hyundai make a statement in the livery and limo business?

It's trying.

Last week Hyundai made a pitch to coachbuilders and livery operators at the International LCT Show in Las Vegas. Cadillac, with its Escalade, and Lincoln, with its Town Car, are the primary players in this niche market.

The annual event is touted as the world's biggest convention for limousine, charter and tour operators, hence the LCT acronym.

Automakers display models, coachbuilders display conversions and the livery business lines up to place orders. LCT's trade magazine and Web site cover the industry.

Hyundai pitched its Genesis and Equus sedans at the show, according to a story on the LCT Web site.

"We're glad … that the industry is interested in what we have to offer," Richard Pipenhagen, Hyundai Motor America's corporate sales manager, was quoted as saying in the story. "The Genesis is in a sweet spot regarding price."

How sweet? Hyundai is offering a $3,500 fleet incentive for the Genesis, $4,500 for the bigger Equus, the story says. The V-6 Genesis carries a $35,075 sticker price, while the V-8 Equus is $59,650. Both prices include shipping.

With Hyundai's Genesis pricing and incentive, the face of the black-car biz could be in for a big change.