In GM's world, the Silverado, Manilow and Twinkies survive an apocalypse -- not the blue oval

For at least one automaker, the gloves will come off early during Sunday's telecast of the Super Bowl.

GM's Chevrolet division plans to get more than a little dig in at long-time rival Ford with a 60-second apocalyptic-themed Super Bowl spot scheduled to air in the first quarter.

Its the latest in a string of colorful barbs tossed between the two cross-town automakers and their executives.

The ad opens in a decimated city and pans to a newspaper headline blowing in the wind. The headline screams: 2012 Mayan Apocalypse: Will the World End Today?

An engine suddenly roars to life and a dusty Silverado pickup pokes through the rubble and starts traversing the city. Is that a decimated Chrysler building amid the scorched landscape?

The driver and his dog finally meet up with four friends and their Silverados. But the driver wonders where their friend Dave is.

Didn't make it. It turns out he drove a Ford.

The Ford F series pickup may be the top-selling vehicle in America, but in GM's version of doomsday, only Barry Manilow, Twinkies, frogs, Silverados and their drivers survive.