Canine choir raises the woof in VW Super Bowl commercial

Christina Rogers covers VW and regulatory/legislative issues for Automotive News.

How does Volkswagen follow up last year's smash hit Super Bowl ad?

With dogs, it turns out. Or to be more precise, a chorus of dogs woofing out the Imperial March from Star Wars.

VW, known for its quirky commercials, released a teaser today of its upcoming 60-second spot for the redesigned 2012 Beetle. The sneak peek, named "The Bark Side," is available on YouTube.

Last year VW generated some chuckles with its 30-second spot, called "The Force." The ad shows a young boy dressed up as Darth Vader standing in his parents' driveway, trying to start his father's Passat using The Force.

Suddenly, the car vrooms. The kid stumbles back in surprise. The camera cuts to his father inside the house holding the key fob.

The spot has racked up 48 million hits on YouTube and got people talking — and Passatt sales made a nice jump in 2011.

The teaser to the new ad is pretty hilarious. But VW missed one thing: No German shepherd.

Will barking dogs create more Super Bowl ad success for VW? You decide.