Chevy’s global commercials could appeal to Americans, too

Chevrolet should broadcast some of its international commercials in the United States.

Last week, Chevy hosted reporters from around the world in Detroit. It updated both the overseas media and the hometown journos (including me) on the brand’s increasing global presence. As part of the event, Chevy showed commercials from the United States, Mexico, China and Brazil.

They were great. I’d encourage Chevrolet to run some of them stateside, with an intro saying that Chevrolet is now a global brand, but its values are the same everywhere.

Take the Mexican spot. A father drives his young son to the top of a hill in his Cheyenne pickup. They get out of the truck, and with a sweeping gesture to the landscape below, the father proclaims, “Someday, my son, all of this will be yours.”

The son replies, “And the Cheyenne?”

The father pauses, and then gestures to the land again. “Someday, my son, all of this will be yours.”

The son repeats, “And the Cheyenne?”

Silence from the father. The spot closes with “Some things are inherited. Others must be earned.”

I understood that commercial in Spanish and an equally good Brazilian one in Portuguese because they had English subtitles. Not a problem.

I really don’t think Americans are going to be upset that their All-American, baseball and apple-pie Chevy can appeal to foreigners, too.