Reuss' hint of a Malibu wagon should become GM's reality

Rick Kranz is product editor for Automotive News.

Mark Reuss made news last week at the New York auto show, saying a wagon would be a nice addition to the Chevrolet Malibu line.

Mark, let's put a Buick on that list, too.

Reuss, president of GM North America, told journalists a Malibu wagon could be pitched as a more fuel-efficient alternative to a minivan.

But he stopped short of saying a Malibu wagon is in the pipeline.

My advice to Reuss: Go for it, and finish development of the wagon once talked about as a Buick Regal, too.

The Opel Insignia station wagon on display in Paris. Photo credit: Rick Kranz

No doubt a wagon would be a sharp-looking addition to the Buick portfolio. After all, we've seen the Regal version, sort of. It's called the Opel Insignia and it's on sale in Europe. The Regal and Insignia are essentially the same vehicle. The grille and a few other exterior touches differentiate the two brands in terms of exterior styling.

I sat in the Insignia wagon last September at the Paris auto show -- it's a head-turner -- and suggested in a blog that Buick needs this car.

The Insignia is a very elegant-looking wagon, perfect for the Buick showroom under the Regal banner. It also is an attractive choice for older minivan owners ready to try something completely different.

All that remains is for GM North America to say yes.