Vette rebound? Well, things are looking better

Rick Kranz is product editor for Automotive News

Here's another possible sign the economy has turned a corner: Corvette sales are inching upwards.

Sales increased 13 percent in January and February compared with the same months of last year. Corvette chalked up 955 sales during that two-month period.

But before we start popping corks:

Corvette sales have been in free fall since 2006. That year Corvette sold 36,518 cars, or an average of around 3,000 cars per month. Corvette ended 2010 with 12,624 sales, about 1,000 cars per month. The monthly average so far this year is nearly 500.

Corvette sales still have a long way to go before the folks at Chevy and its dealers are cheering.

But this is the first bit of good sales news for the Corvette in a long, long time.

Corvette enthusiasts appear to be gaining some confidence, and maybe Chevy is gaining some, too.