What comes next in this sequence? X, Y and …

Marketing folks are moving beyond Xs and Ys. Gen X and Gen Y, that is.

What’s next?

Rebecca Lindland, director at IHS Global Insight, says it’s Gen Green.

Gen Y buyers started to come into the market in 1994, she said, adding nearly 2 million drivers a year.

Gen Green, those born from 1995 on, will follow, Lindland told the Society of Automotive Analysts recently. They are part of the first generation to always have a hybrid or EV as part of its vehicle choices. They've also grown up in a world of recession.

By that, I believe, Lindland means that when these buyers started putting their own money down, they didn’t have as much in their wallets.

By 2015, she said, Gen Green will be 12 percent of the drivers on the road.

Oh, and by 2014, Lindland said, the Depression-era buyers will be out of the market. They’ll all be over age 80.

It sounds like the torch will pass from one generation of penny-pinchers to another.

I don’t know if the Gen Green label will stick to these consumers. But I know we’ll be hearing a lot more about them.