Is an MPH or PDF with a bed in Jeep's future? Stay tuned

The return of a Jeep pickup appears increasingly likely, even if the folks at Chrysler don't exactly want to call it a pickup.

The website quoted Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne saying Chrysler will likely introduce a “multipurpose vehicle” that will have a “pickup truck-like bed in the back.”

“I would love to bring that vehicle to market,” Jeep President Michael Manley told Bloomberg News this week. Manley said Jeep could bring the Wrangler-based pickup to market in 24 months once the decision is made to build it, according to Bloomberg.

Jeep sold a pickup truck called the Comanche from 1986 to 1992. It was based on the unibody Wagoneer platform. Chrysler unveiled a Jeep pickup concept called the Gladiator last year.

“I like that vehicle,” Marchionne told journalists during the show. “There's a better than 50 percent chance that you'll get one.”

But the subject of a rival pickup within Chrysler is a somewhat touchy subject, at least to the folks at the Ram truck brand, Marchionne said, according to the report.

Asked by a journalist if he had just said yes to a Jeep pickup, Marchionne responded: “I said (yes) to a multipurpose vehicle out of Jeep with something that they call a truck bed,” according to the website. “It's an exotic within Jeep.”

If Marchionne doesn't want to call it a pickup, what will it be? A new segment perhaps -- MPH? Multi Purpose Hauler? PDF -- Person Driven Flatbed?