Marchionne... Still the rock star in Detroit

Some things at Detroit auto shows don't change. Like, say, Sergio Marchionne's entourage.

If cameras are any indication, there's no doubt who is still the star here.

At three minutes after 9, when the Chrysler and Fiat boss made his entrance into Cobo Hall, he brought bodyguards and about 20 cameramen trailing closely behind him. It was like a slow-moving swarm of flashbulbs. He inched his way along; the pack inched as well.

After spending a few minutes watching the end of Chrysler's press conference at a dramatically larger (and more Chrysler) stand, he took questions for about 20 minutes in a barely audible tone.

When it finally wrapped up, he bowed his head, turned to the door and was gone.

The star, exiting into the auto show abyss. Entourage, bodyguards and cameras in tow.