A look at Lincoln's new designer

Rick Kranz is product editor for Automotive News
What's Lincoln's new director of design really like?

Take a look at the video below.

Earlier today Ford announced that Max Wolff had been selected for this new position. Wolff, 38, was hired away from GM, where he was design director for exterior design at Cadillac. Wolff was born in Australia and also has had design assignments at GM's Holden subsidiary in Australia and at GM Daewoo.

While doing a Google search, I came across a four-minute video profile prepared by Australia's Ovation TV.

As a child Wolff liked to sketch things. Then one day when he was 11 or 12, his father gave him a car magazine.

"I remember reading it and looking at these illustrations of future cars," he says on the video. "That is what really started it off."