An after-death option for your body and vehicle safety

Halloween is approaching and I'm thinking ghoulish thoughts.

One of those thoughts is what to do with our bodies after we die?

There are a variety of options from a formal burial, to cremation, to donating one's remains to science. And, personal religious beliefs probably factor into a decision.

But there is an option few will likely consider: Becoming a crash test cadaver.

While plastic crash test dummies are fine, many vehicle safety experts agree there's nothing like a real human body to simulate what happens in a crash.

The Wayne State University School of Medicine offers a Body Bequest Form. The form allows someone to donate their body to the school. But a person can specifically request the school use their remains for safety testing done at the Bio-Mechanics lab, according to a CNN report.

I honestly don't know what I might want done with my remains. It's certainly not pleasant to consider one's own death.

But it might offer comfort to some people to know in death they're helping save lives.