Pricey 3-door SUV = not much U.S love

Nice looking, but worth $40,000+? Photo credit: MARK RECHTIN
I know that Land Rover's owners at Tata want to grow the brand, and they have to fill the Midlands plants somehow. But moving Land Rover downmarket this far with the Evoque might be pushing things too far.

It's an eye-pleasing design as SUVs go, and a terrific instrument cluster and panel that looks brash rather than stuffy. This may be a hit in Europe, which has a thing for three-door SUVs, but I can't see many Americans making a dash for an undersized crossover with a narrow greenhouse, poor sight lines, an oven-broiler sunroof, and cramped second-row headroom.

Especially with a price estimated to start around $40,000.