Forgive me, Ian Callum

My car of the show.
All those hateful things I have written about Jaguar's design over past decade? Forget I ever said them.

The C-X75 concept coupe -- which provides cues to the next-generation XK, or even a rebirth of the E-Type -- should be the star of the show on everyone's list.

I love the Lambo Sesto, lust after the Audi Quattro and am dazzled by the Mercedes CLS. But nothing takes the styling leap from the present lineup like the Jag. Finally, a Jaguar that doesn't take cheesy cues from the past and try to incorporate them around modern safety and crash standards.

The original, fantastical Jaguars took huge styling leaps of faith, and we finally have another Jag that does the same. Of course, the C-X75 is but a concept, and there are lots of big and little steps that can ruin a great concept on the way to production.

Stand tall and stand firm, Ian.