A wagon is just what Buick needs to master the road again

Rick Kranz is product editor for Automotive News;
PARIS -- While walking through the Paris auto show I spotted a sharp-looking model Buick needs in its U.S. portfolio.

To this reporter's eyes, one car stood out from the array of Opel vehicles – the Insignia station wagon.

In case you are unaware, the new Buick Regal sedan and the Insignia sedan are essentially the same vehicle. The grille differentiates the two bands. The Regal recently went on sale.

There has been speculation that Buick may offer that wagon in the Regal lineup. For example, photos of the car have been snapped during testing at GM's proving grounds in Milford, Mich.

I'm not revealing any big scoop here. All I'm saying is that I saw the Insignia wagon in person and photos don't do justice to the car's elegant yet sporty lines.

It's a winner, and Buick dealers need this car in their showroom.

The Opel Insignia station wagon - on display in Paris - as well as the Insignia sedan, is essentially the same as the new Buick Regal. Photo credit: Rick Kranz