Asking for the most overrated vehicle? Some surprising answers

Rick Kranz is product editor for Automotive News
What's the most overrated vehicle?

I was checking out the Internet this morning and came across a Web site asking viewers to name the single most overrated vehicle available today.

There were close to 100 comments on www.motortrend.com.

There was no definition of overrated so the comments covered a little bit of everything -- reliability, styling, performance, value or some other quality. Of course, I'm sure there were a few Camaro guys who hate Mustangs and vice versa.

The vehicles mentioned surprised me: BMW 3 series, Lexus LFA, Honda Civic, Cadillac CTS coupe, Porsche 911 and a long list of others.

For example, a first-time BMW 335i owner said, “I am truly disappointed and I will never buy another BMW.” He cited engine, brake, paint and other issues.

Another person, commenting on the Porsche 911, asked, “How many decades are they going to continue to make this same car?”

A third: “I think the most overrated vehicle is the Hummer in all its forms.”

Another, commenting about the Smart ForTwo, said, “This car is pretty pointless here in the States unless you live in a major city, but in that case you would be better off using public transportation.”

This is not a scientific study by any means.

However, the reasons for placing a vehicle on the overrated list are certainly entertaining.