Nancy RAE

Why did you want to work in the auto industry? I started one week after I graduated from Eastern Michigan in 1976. I grew up in the Detroit area. My father worked briefly for Chrysler early in his career. When you grow up in Detroit, the auto industry is exciting.

First automotive job: Interviewer/qualifier at Chrysler's Warren Truck assembly plant.

Proudest professional achievement: Looking back, it was my first executive job. I was the compensation manager for Chrysler Corp. after the AMC merger. We literally reorganized all of engineering and went to a platform structure. Six thousand engineers went home Friday and came back Monday to new jobs.

Current challenge at work: It's to continue to drive the culture transformation and integration that has happened in the last year, to continue to build on the very successful launch of the Grand Cherokee — and we have many more significant launches in the next year. We're doing some strategic hiring, getting leadership development programs off the ground.

What you do to relax: I love coming up north [Michigan]. It takes minimum planning. We ski and golf, and I love being with my family.

— Bradford Wernle