Why did you want to work in the auto industry? The earlier parts of my career were not in the auto industry. I was contacted because my background looked to be a good fit. What I can say now is that the auto industry is full of very talented people in terms of technology and practices, so it's really a perfect fit with my background.

First automotive job: Director of fuel storage and delivery at Visteon in 2000.

Proudest professional achievement: It always comes from developing and leading high-performing teams.

If you look at last year, 48 percent improvement in product quality as measured by customers — things like that really stand out. You can look back at the end of the year and say wow, we accomplished a lot.

Also, our 63 percent reduction in total workplace injuries was a breakthrough thing, not an incremental number.

Current challenge at work: Leading a global business of more than $3 billion in revenue. The nature of it is global, focusing on standard designs and delivering superior products for our customers. Bringing together people of diverse situations, locations and focuses is the nature of the job and delivering world-class products.

What you do to relax: Outdoor pursuits. As a family, hiking, skiing, boating and swimming. Outside of that, I do a lot of family activities and try to get my family together.

— Neil Roland