Why did you want to work in the auto industry? Cars intrigued me — the thought of understanding how they worked. I wanted to know what I needed to do to keep my car running.

First automotive job: Business editor for Motor Age magazine, an industry trade journal.

Proudest professional achievement: I helped found the Women's Automotive Network to provide networking opportunities for women in the collision repair industry.

Current challenge at work: The mission hasn't changed — we're still communicating the relevance of the Automotive Service Excellence certification program to consumers and the industry. But we're making use of the latest technology — adding functions to the ASE Web site, for example. ASE's certification tests eventually will be computer-administered.

Why does the auto industry seem like a difficult environment for female executives? The problem is more awareness. I don't think women know the career opportunities available. Also, at the school level, walking into a class of all guys can be intimidating if you're the only female.

What you do to relax: I hang out with my kids and husband. I love to read and travel.

— Donna Harris