Living on the edge in an Edge: A touchy subject

I recently drove the 2011 Edge, nearly right off the road.

I was testing it on a two-lane highway in Nashville during a Ford press trip as a Ford representative sat in the back seat teaching me how to use all the new technology in it.

The vehicle is solidly built and handles well. No complaints there.

But I just couldn't come to grips with Ford's new MyFord Touch interior technology. I got distracted.

The technology comes standard on the limited and sport editions. It's optional on the SEL Edge while the base SE model comes with regular knobs and buttons.

Ford says the system will minimize driver distraction because it allows for voice commands to do things such as change the radio station, adjust the climate and call someone, all while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

A driver can use a touch screen to order up a song on iTunes and even download photos to the 8-inch center console display screen.

I was trying to pull up the climate control screen and minimize the navigation screen on the center console when I crossed over into oncoming traffic. A Ford representative in the back seat told me to instead push a button and verbally tell the Edge to change the temperature. That didn't work, either. Either I gave poor commands, or the system failed to understand what I wanted.

I'm sure once you learn the system, it's probably very useful and easy to use.

But I see some challenges.