This transcript was one big, fat typo away from nirvana

Donna Harris covers automotive retailing Automotive News
Every now and then, a blog topic comes along to bring comic relief to your day. I was just going through a transcript of publicly held Sonic Automotive Inc.'s recent second-quarter earnings conference call and cracked up when I spotted this error.

An analyst had asked whether the retailer was short on new-vehicle inventory and whether the tight supply would hinder sales.

Now, I listened to that call and took pretty good notes. So I know what Jeff Dyke, the executive vice president, told the analyst. He said Sonic's situation was “as close to nirvana as you can get in terms of days supply.”

But that's not what the transcript says. It has Jeff saying that Sonic's inventory was as “close to Obama as you can get in terms of days supply.”

There are those of us who wouldn't use “Obama” and “nirvana” in the same sentence -- or in the same paragraph with the statement “I am very comfortable with where we are,” as this transcript does.

But whether you're a Democrat or Republican, I'm willing to bet you can appreciate the humor in this little slip-up.