In Buick's moment of truth, public raves and rants over latest model

Chrissie Thompson covers GM for Automotive News
Buick's tell-all Web site, “Moment of Truth,” is now live.

Buick had promised to post all articles, positive or negative, written about the 2011 Regal sport sedan. In addition, consumers have a chance to submit comments and videos for posting on the site.

The buff-book reviews on the site are overwhelmingly positive. But Buick follows through by posting several skeptical and even outright negative consumer comments.

“Looks like a sharp car, BUT!, When are we gonna see some fuel milage [sic] Improvement???” one commenter writes.

Another says: “in the world of Buick, this might be good but they are no farther along than Hyundai with this offering.”

And one person calls the car “Garbage.”

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