Blaming the customer always a bad move

Toyota Motor Corp. has given the federal government black-box research that shows that in many unintended-acceleration accidents, drivers mistook the accelerator for the brake. The automaker already has acknowledged that some cases were caused by accelerator pedals getting stuck on floor mats or sticky accelerators.

Toyota is quick to point out it hasn't yet come to any conclusions.

Caution is a good thing.

Whether or not driver error was the cause of many of the reported incidents, one thing is certain: Toyota faces a public relations conundrum. It doesn't want to look like it is blaming drivers.

It's probable that many of the people involved in those accidents were long-standing loyal Toyota customers. Imagine how accident victims or their relatives are receiving the news trickling out now that is suggesting driver error as a likely culprit?

Consider business 101: The customer is always right.

Toyota would be wise to bear that in mind.