Modern technology great, but wasted on poor drivers

It's the year of the engine.

Many manufacturers are doing all they can to make vehicles more efficient and safe. Perhaps it's time to focus on the driver.

It's my observation that most people lack even rudimentary knowledge of what's under their hood.

I drive from a suburb to downtown Detroit daily. I've come to expect to be cut off, tailgated and often have to pass on the right because pokey drivers in the left lane -- many times riding their brakes -- refuse to move over. What a waste of horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency.

Then there are the accidents and the subsequent rubber-neckers that cause traffic jams, where even more technology is wasted. How many times have you heard someone gunning the engine in stop-and-go traffic?

And then there's the hybrid driver who weaves in and out of traffic, going no slower than 60 mph no matter what road he or she is on.

It's too bad that improved technology is lost on drivers who don't know enough to take advantage of it.