Auto industry would benefit from more women

My dog and I walk miles side-by-side daily. Yet we return from each walk having had very different experiences.

He's on all fours and close to the ground. I'm a bit taller. He can smell a rabbit from the previous night or warn me if someone's approaching behind us. I keep us from crossing into traffic.

In the end, we've had unique and original experiences based on perspective.

This brings me to the idea of diversity in business.

Each of us has a unique view of the world based on life experience. That view often is influenced by things like biology and ethnicity.

So when I read that women account for just 20 percent of powertrain supplier Linamar's 11,000 employees, I was perplexed and saddened.

Perhaps there's a scarcity of talented women interested in the auto industry? Or perhaps companies just don't notice the imbalance?

Whatever the reason, it's a shame.

The only way to keep moving forward -- whether on a walk with your dog or in business -- is to take advantage of everyone's unique perspective.