Toyota, Nissan chiefs' combined pay less than Alan Mulally's


No Mulally, no Ford. They were virtually bankrupt in 2006 before he arrived--and that in what had been a long, comparatively good market for autos compared to today. Without his leadership they would never have survived 2007 much less 2009. So he's worth it in my eyes. Pay for performance. Ditto for Nissan and Ghosn, but Ghosn has let peculiar product decisions hamper Nissan's growth in recent years. Their product planning keeps transforming what should be Nissan's (and Infiniti's) mass-market, hi-volume vehicles into niche products (Titan, Maxima, Quest...) and their niche products become micro-niche products (EX, FX, QX and soon the Juke) while vehicles like the Sentra continue to miss the mark and fail to compete successfully against Civic/Corolla. So it's hard to pay for that kind of performance. Toyota's bad year speaks for itself.