The new odd couple: Wagoner and the Washington Post

Whoever said, “If you can’t beat them, join them,” really knew something about the irony of life.

Take a look at Rick Wagoner.

As GM’s former CEO, Wagoner avoided the press like the plague. To be sure, GM lost some $82 billion since 2004 under Wagoner’s watch, making him an easy target.

But beyond that, his personality was that of an introvert occupying an extrovert’s job. From a reporter’s perspective, Wagoner always stood in sharp contrast to GM’s former vice chairman, Bob Lutz. Lutz, ever the showman, loved doling out quotable one-liners to the press. Wagoner seemed to want to retreat in the face of the Fourth Estate.

GM’s PR leaders had to work tirelessly to persuade Wagoner to do interviews.

So what’s he doing now? He has taken a seat on the Washington Post Co.’s board of directors. That’s right, he’s helping supervise a giant media conglomerate.

The Post offered no explanation for selecting Wagoner. And Wagoner, for his part, has issued no statement. Not surprising.