Want to fix Lincoln? Offer variety!

Rick Kranz is product editor for Automotive News
With the demise of Mercury, Ford can now concentrate on Lincoln.

What does Lincoln need? Variety.

Today's Lincoln essentially comes in two flavors -- four-door sedans and crossovers/utilities. That's it. No sporty cars here -- no coupes, no convertibles.

That sure limits the buyer base.

From this writer's perspective, a luxury buyer wants what everybody else wants: Choices. Take a look at Mercedes-Benz's successful C class family. How do you want your C class -- sedan, coupe, convertible, wagon? Take a look at the E class family. Ditto for BMW.

Of course, these cars have a global buying base that makes the business case for a wide ranging model line, right?

Not exactly.

Cadillac's primary sales are in North America. Yet Cadillac is heading in the right direction with the CTS family -- a sedan, wagon, and later this year, a sleek coupe. Next year Cadillac adds the compact rear-drive ATS, a model line that will be composed of a sedan, coupe and possibly a convertible (I hear). I think this is a winning formula to boost Cadillac's overall sales.

To my friends in Dearborn, here's my advice. When Lincoln's redesigns arrive in the next few years, offer some coupes and add a convertible.