Chrysler tops 100k in monthly U.S. sales; first time in 14 months


What would any of you do if you had been managing Chrysler during the past 9 months? You would rely on fleet sales, or any sale you can get, while you have your team working feverishly to get the company's act together. I don't think anyone at Chryler would feel their fleet/retail mix is ideal, but they are where they are, doing what they have to do. What is truly amazing is that after a decade of abuse and gross mis-management, the oompany and the product is even still around. There is some real strength in their brands and their dealer organization, as abused as they have been, or else they would be history by now.

This appears to be scrappy bunch not afraid to work hard and make decisions. I wouldn't count them out just because they are indulging in a survival strategy - of which they really have no choice. Give them a break; you may be surprised.