Lost in translation

Mercedes-Benz confounded some of us before the Beijing auto show when it sent out press materials announcing the Shooting Break station wagon concept. The name was plastered on the photos and on the news release.

Now, I certainly have been known to break a thing or two. I also occasionally take a break. I don’t recall ever shooting anything during one …

Mercedes’ release explained that Shooting Breaks “were popular in Great Britain … exclusive crossover vehicles which combined the luxuriousness of a coupe with the luggage space of an estate.”

A quick Google check and … they meant Shooting Brakes, not Breaks.

Turns out Mercedes intended to call the station wagon concept version of the next-generation CLS a Brake, according to a Mercedes USA spokesman, who incidentally is Scottish and used to work in Great Britain.

When you consider that a German company was putting together an English language press kit for an auto show in China, a few transposed letters isn’t all that bad.