Porsche to join VW's CAFE klatch

Porsche Cars North America says it wants to meet tough new CAFE requirements alone.

It's not going to be easy. The sports car maker will have to meet a 41 mpg fleet average requirement by 2016. For perspective, its iconic 911 gets 18 city and 25 highway miles per gallon. Porsche's most efficient car, the Caymen, is rated at 19/27.

Today, Porsche has no solutions to the CAFE problem. U.S. CEO Detlev von Platen told me last week his buyers care about social responsibility, even if they're tooling around in a 500 hp-plus sports car.

So here's where VW comes into the picture.

Porsche is being merged into the German giant, so Porsche could, like BMW with Mini, become part of the VW group fleet average. That would give Porsche a break and allow the sports cars to keep their character.

I'm betting Porsche will soon be singing the "we're part of VW," song to U.S. regulators.