Chrysler and U.S. market to play key role in Alfa relaunch


I don't think Alfa can get their volumes up 5x current levels in just 4 years (by 2014, really!?!), but I do think it's good to have an aggressive stretch target along with a solid strategy (roadmap of HOW to possibly hit those targets). Need to be careful they don't cannibalize FIAT and Chrysler lines and also don't destroy the Alfa Romeo 'panache' - what makes Alfa special is the allure of Italian styling and exclusivity (NOT being common). Same reason people tolerated Jaguar un-reliability for so long, (although now they are really nice-looking AND good quality cars) If they become too 'common' it would be a bad thing long-term. But, Alfa need to have a strong enough base of worldwide sales to make the brand the 'marque' once again. This is important as Chrysler will always (I think) be like Buick or Lincoln... nice, but not as nice (or sporting or well engineered) as Audi, BMW, Cadillac and M-Benz. Alfa should aspire to be in that league or close to it (ala Infiniti, Acura, Lexus)