Ford boosts Brazil bet with $281million investment


Ford's business development plan continues to impress despite the limited resources it has to invest. It's measured, balanced investment in developing markets without an established dominant player and in which Ford has already experienced success is seeming increasingly wise, especially at a time when China's overheated economy may be a fait accomplit and the value for money proposition Ford can derive from choosing to invest in India, Brazil, and other emerging markets is gaining luster every day.

Especially with China headed for an inevitable slowdown and the Chinese market space being SO vast that robust future growth opportunities will continue to exist regardless of the point at which China may enter, or emerge, from its own cooling-off cycle. No matter how established its "established" players (GM, BAIC, SAIC, Geely, and others may become, there will be room for Ford to make a more broadly-based entrance into China which Ford will be MUCH better-off having made from a future position of strength.