Detroit had lousy management -- and other myths that need debunking


One thing that is not mentioned is the fact that many of the company managers were second and in some cases third generation car people. They had company cars and could buy using the employee deal. As a result they did not have the customer experience of buying or getting the car serviced. They had gas purchased with the company card and insurance was covered by the company. Their cars were always under warranty so they did not pay for repairs or maintaince. When I left GM and went to Hyundai the managers there often owned another vehicle besides Hyundai because Hyundai did not have a pickup, van or suv. Hyundai big sucess with the 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty reflects the differnce in culture. Ford has a leader that came from Boeing. One of GM's big sales sucess was the buy it like an employee program. When it was introduced to the public it worked. It also showed that GM employees were out of touch with the public buying experience. While there are many reasons why GM and Chrysler failed while Ford survived. Is it possible that because Ford's top manager came from outside the industry led to Ford's survival?