GM says it lost $4.3B in 2009 after exiting bankruptcy


I agree with "variable's" comment. Gimme a break. That is old news from a emergence of bankrupcy. All those now complaining aren't offering anything better. GM is making changes at a planned rate. What do you think would happen if you stripped the company of all leaqdership with any knowledge of whats going on. There needs to be a transition plan followed or a worse disaster will happen than the company going bankrupt. They are now making money, the Cruze will beat most vehicle MPGs and be priced right. They are paying back the Gov't loans now. Would you rather kill them now before we get our money back? This latest report of last years financials are sensationalist journalism being viewed in a negative eye. Look at this way. It shows the improvewment coming out of bankruptcy, plain and simple! Are they perfect? NO!, are they better than before? YES! I also agree with getting the financial institutions to step up to the plate. In every aspect of our economy it has been the banks who are screwing the consumers from car loans, business loans to mortgages. They were bailed out and still are paying huge bonuses to their broken execs. GM isn't. Go pick on them and let GM continue with their recovery plan and continue to pay back the Gov't. loans!