Ford starts new 'Swap Your Ride' commercials


Ford has indeed done things right and taken advantage of everything others have done wrong. Mike Rowe is perfect for the spokesperson because regardless of how upscale some may think the vehicles have become, Ford's bread and butter customers are still everyday Joe's. Plus, Mike not only is the star of Dirty Jobs (one of the highest rated shows on cable) but also the voice on Deadliest Catch (another whopping ratings grabber) and others. As for how much Ford has spent in advertising to get to and maintain this growth pattern... regardless of what Madlock might think, I'm in the biz and I can tell you first hand, it's cost them dearly (in the billions) but it's paying off so it's all relative. And let's not forget that GM is creeping back as well. Years ago, if domestics had been realistic about the threat of the imports and actually competed by taking a more serious look at their product lines, not prostituted their dealerships by putting one on every street corner and kept their eyes and ears turned into what the consumer wanted in a vehicle, we wouldn't be having this conversation. All that aside, Ford has shown that an American manufacturer can rise from the ashes and once again rule the roost.