Nissan's Leaf EV to start at $32,780, before U.S. tax credit


Based on four miles a kWh, the range would be a theoritical 96 miles, but the real question is how low can the batteries be discharged, to 25%? that would reduce range by a commensurate amount (24 miles). Highway mileage would be lower as there would be no regen. Batteries just don't have the energy density to become a REAL fuel and this is the best they will probably ever have as there are no new elements or compounds and we are forever limited by chemisty.

And if you live where I live energy after 1200kWh of use per month is 49 cents a kWh. that means to fill a Leaf would cost about $10-12. Even at the U.S. average of about 12 cents a kWh, it will cost about $3 to fill it. While it is great to drive for about 4 cents a mile, there are some diesels that run for almost that cheap and you can refuel them in five minutes, not the hours it will take for a Leaf. And to drive a leaf will take planning because of that. That is a huge limitation for a vehicle that costs $33K (tax credits are a fraud as someone is paying for it, and if everyone bought a leaf the tax credit would evaporate). It will never pay for itself relative to any economy car now produced. Remember it is double the price and the cost of capital will eat away at any fuel savings before any other "savings." And how much does that battery cost to replace?

The only way a leaf will work is through a government mandate which is already being used to sell it (tax credit). In the free market the leaf would have a lifespan of about a real leaf.