Prius crash in N.Y. likely caused by driver error, police say


The TSB about surging, (see below), is a perfect example of how information is distorted to support a rationale. The "surging" between shifts is very different from unintended acceleration that could put a driver in danger. Toyota will be able to show the difference. I drove those 2002 models that exhibited the surge that manifested itself as a uneven or not so smooth transition from one gear to another. The way the trans valves are programmed to open and shut, how the throttle is controlled at shift points are what Toyota was addressing. The reprogramming made for a smoother shift. So now the Toyota hunters are trying to use that TSB to support their baseless point, especially now that one by one these "unintended acceleration" incidents are being debunked. Clarence Ditlow will look foolish when Kristen Tabor from Toyota takes him apart. She is a perfect example of the high quality bright engineers that Toyota has. Her credibility and Toyota's will prevail.