ACEA should release Europe sales data faster

Luca Ciferri is an Automotive News staff reporter based in Turin, Italy.
It is true that slow-arriving statistics are better than no statistics at all, but ACEA, the European automakers association, should find a way to release its data sooner.

It took until today, March 16, for ACEA to finally announced that February sales rose 3.2 percent to 1,000,752 units in the 28 markets it tracks.

On March 4, J.D. Power Automotive Forecasting said it expected sales to be up 4.4 percent in February to 943,934 units in the 17 key western European markets it monitors.

J.D. Power's prediction covers 94 percent of European sales, therefore the result is indicative of what is really happening in the marketplace.

Yes, ACEA's figures are more complete, but is it really worth waiting 10 days to get the remaining 6 percent of the market?