VW parties with its many new friends

Justin Timberlake. Mr. Suzuki. Italian models. And Dr. Piech.

Volkswagen Group rolled out an all-star cast at their evening event held in a warehouse in Geneva Monday night.

JT came out in the Audi A1 new city car, saying that he's 'buyer No.1' on the waiting list, a fact verified by Audi boss Rupert Stadler who joined him on stage for the intro.

Timberlake followed an appearance by Suzuki Chairman Osamu Suzuki, a new VW joint-venture partner that will help VW with compact and subcompact cars, especially in Asia. And Suzuki was preceded by the one and only Ferdinand Piech, the legendary VW exec and chairman of the VW supervisory board.

It was quite an evening.

Ten brands. Italian models posing with a new Lamborghini model. An electric car for Seat. A Porsche for the first time (a 918 Spyder hybrid concept car). Even a pickup truck for VW brand, but not for America.

With so many models, so many brands and so much hype around VW's quest to be No. 1 globally in terms of revenue by 2010, there is the feeling VW is getting big.

Hopefully not too big. Or out of touch.

Number 1's aren't safe these days.